NDC Conditionality and Article 6 Learn More SHORT STUDY
By Sandra Greiner, Stephan Hoch, Nicole Krämer, Sandra Dalfiume, Federico De Lorenzo, Axel Michaelowa
An analysis of African countries’ updated NDCs
Article 6 piloting: State of play and stakeholder experiences by Sandra Greiner, Nicole Krämer, Federico De Lorenzo, Axel Michaelowa, Stephan Hoch, Juliana Kessler Read More Update December 2020 Successful support of
solar mini-grids
project in Senegal
Learn More Launch of ASER
Solar Rural Electrification Project!
Closing the deal on ‘CDM Transition’ Learn More SHORT STUDY
By Stephan Hoch, Sandra Greiner, El-Hadji Mbaye Diagne, Axel Michaelowa, Nicole Krämer, Aglaja Espelage, Ruth Kassaye
How COP 25 defined new guardrails for compromise and what they mean for Africa
Climate Finance Innovators Divider Linking carbon markets with climate finance in Africa Learn More Africa is getting ready for Article 6 Divider POLICY BRIEF
by Nicole Krämer, Stephan Hoch, Ousmane Fall Sarr, Thiago Chagas, Tobias Hunzai, Axel Michaelowa, Sandra Greiner
Read More
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Our Focus

Our partner countries Ethiopia, Senegal and Uganda have defined ambitious climate-friendly development pathways and are actively involved in the international climate negotiations and all relevant climate finance mechanisms. The project supports funding proposals that build on these experiences with scalable CDM programmes and the GCF.



COP25 Madrid Impressions

Here are a few impressions from COP25 in Madrid.
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Listen to Jeanne Josette Acacha Akoha the Benin delegation leader about carbon markets, the need of a transition between Kyoto and Paris, the importance of transparency & NDCs.


“We, African, are willing for a robust accounting system on emissions reduction and international emissions trading. Our interest is the highest integrity.”

El-Hadji Mbaye Diagne at COP25 Madrid


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Market Mechanisms

Reform efforts have strengthened African participation in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). A key challenge is to ensure strong African participation in the new generation of Article 6 mechanisms.

Climate Finance

An increasing range of climate financing institutions and instruments supports countries in achieving their NDC goals.

UNFCCC Negotiations

International climate negotiations focus on implementing the Kyoto Protocol and setting the rules for operationalizing the Paris Agreement.


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